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How To Pick The Best Massage Chair

When you decide to pick your message chair, the first thing you want to do is examine your own personal needs. Everyone gets sore from time to time, but you need to decide if you want a chair for pleasure or just one to fix a specific medical issue that may be at hand. Some people may want it for their sore muscles at the gym, so they may want to consider getting a massage chair that focuses on the entire body, rather than just a select area of it. Others may have a more specific location of aches and pains like their back or knees, if that is the case; you are going to want to get a chair that focuses on those specific needs.

he next step is to do some product research. You are going to want to use the Internet to research the best chairs to fit your personal needs; similar to the top five massage chairs we listed above. Once you find these chairs, you want to read through the product description and highlight of the features that are available though we’ve already done this for you in the comparison chart above. You may want to write down the features that you like the best about the chair, for you to narrow down your selection. For example, do you absolutely require a zero-g position chair, or perhaps you are unsure what the zero G position even is?

After you have narrowed some chair choices down to a few select chairs that you feel will fit your needs, the next one is to research what other consumers had to say about the product. You can get a whole list of reviews and you want to look at both professional and personal reviews as professional reviews are going to be from a doctors standpoint and will list their opinion about what the features will do for your body. Whilst personal reviews are going to give you insight based on people who have actually used the product and have experienced all that it has to offer, or not as the case may be. Remember that no product is going to only have positive reviews, so you can’t let a few negative reviews write the chair off for you for good.


Once you have narrowed your selection down a little bit more, you want to start price shopping. You are going to be able to find the chairs all over the Internet for various different prices however you also want to check out local stores to decide if it is cheaper locally. Perhaps it is time to ask yourself do i really need that stylish and sleek massage chair or is something more functional suitable for your needs. Don’t forget you are going to have to pay shipping costs when you buy it online and probably have to put it together on your own. If you buy locally, you are probably going to have it delivered as a whole. When you are looking at prices, keep in mind the work you are going to have to put into for both shipping methods.

If you have decided to buy it on the Internet, make sure you get a confirmation email to track your massage chair. If you have decided to buy locally, you have a little bit more work to do. Once you get to the store, you may want to check the condition of the chair before you buy it. If there is wear and tear to the chair, or if they do not have any chairs left, you may be offered to buy the floor model at a cheaper price. Always check before you go to the store, on the stores website if they offer delivery so you know if you need to prepared to move the chair on your own. Another thing to keep in mind is that no matter where you buy from, its unlikely that the delivery men will carry your chair much further than your front door and some of these chairs are no lightweights.

With any product you spend money on, you want to weigh the cost versus benefit to make sure you are not buying a product that you are going to be unhappy with after you have spent so much money on it. If your not sure what chair will fit your needs, you can also ask your doctor for recommendations of massage chairs for your particular pain, they will be able to better explain your pain issues and centralize the pain to a specific part of your body, which will help you choose the type of chair to buy. And of course we have a full range of massage chair reviews right here on our site so if you decide a massage chair is right for you, save up enough money to have a decent budget, and then start shopping using the recommendations that we have laid out for you above.






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