Inada Sogno Dreamweave Massage Chair Review 2023

Sometimes a good quality massage chair just isn’t enough. Depending on your pain and stress levels, sometimes you want the best possible massage chair that money can buy. Despite the enormous price tag, the Inada Sogno Dreamweave Massage Chair can take you to a fantasy land where there are no worries and little stress.

With this massage chair, you will feel all of the pain and stress melt away at the touch of a button.

It may well be equivalent in price to that of a small car, but wow, can this thing massage. It doesn’t just massage either, it is so much more than that and has been described as the complete transcendent relaxation experience.

We will help you go through the different features and the cost to determine how valuable the chair is and whether it is worth it for you and your budget.

It’s a little daunting knowing where to start with the Sogno Dreamweave, it’s literally overflowing with features! So let’s start with Inada Sogno Dreamweave Massage Chair Review and see if it can live up to the hype.

About Inada Sogno Dreamweave Massage Chair

First of all, the massage chair is well equipped with so many massage motors, rollers and airbags it’s mind boggling, with a massive 100+ air bags the Dreamweaves massage capabilities cover more than 1200 square inches. This means that most of your body can be immersed in this therapeutic experience without missing a bit, giving you complete cover.

Inada Massage Chair Features

With over 100+ it has more than double the number of airbags than any of its rivals, and i use the term rivals loosely as quite frankly there is not a chair out there that comes anywhere near the Sogno Dreamweave in terms of quality.

It really does outshine any “competitor” in every single area, from range of features to quality of build, there is nothing that comes close to it.

The technology allows you to use pre-programmed massage sequences that will give you the best possible massage. The clever folks over at have spent a long time developing these sequences. They offer different emphasis on your various body parts at just the right time to give you the best possible result.

No longer do you have to worry about whether your entire back or body is going to get a massage. The dream weave tech is capable of massaging not just your back but can gently flex, extend and rotate your hips, shoulders and even calves.

This complete full body massage is leading to some interesting public spectacles as you can see from this video!

The Inada Sogno Dreamweave Caters for All Body Types

No matter if you are short or tall, slim or wide the Sogno can handle your body size and shape without problem. Coming in at just under 83 inches when fully extended it can easily fit the tallest of us. Or for those of us who are somewhat vertically challenged the Sogno can adapt its size to accommodate you.

This is quite remarkable for a chair that starts out at just 55″ deep x 48″ tall and 38″ wide!

Inada’s Customer Care is Exceptional

One of the features that few people recognize is the customer satisfaction aspect of the Inada massage chair. As with any other device, particularly one that combines mechanical and electrical engineering, it is possible to have technological problems with the machine.

The response time and efficiency of Inada support is simply exceptional. People who are unable to fix their massage chair can have things easily get the help of an expert chair Doctor in only a few seconds, a few hours at most.

What are others saying about the Sogno Dreamweave?

With such an expensive investment you’ve likely already started doing your research elsewhere and found out that there is little negative that can be said about the Sogno Dreamweave. Just take a look at the comments in the video below from actual users and you’ll soon see why!

Cost and Investment

Many potential buyers of this Inada massage chair will be wary of the cost that is associated with such an item. Rightly so as it is more expensive than some automobiles, it is important to recognize that the cost of the massage chair is high, but it is also an investment.

Many people indulge in massages from experts that cost money by the hour. However, the Inada massage chair requires a one off payment or instalments and then you can use it for the rest of your life without paying for another massage. Just think how much you spend year after year on massages and you’ll soon see that the Sogno is value for money!

Over the course of many years, the Inada massage chair will actually be far cheaper than the cumulative cost of visiting therapists. More importantly, the quality of the massage will be just as good if not better!

Therefore, even though it might seem like a costly product to buy, and certainly the price is high compared to other chairs, it is a great investment that will stay with you for a long time. Even better, if there are any problems you have little risk as the support for the company is incredible.

Is the Inada Massage Chair Right For You?

If you are curious whether the Inada massage chair is right for you, then you first need to determine whether you want to make a long term investment in your own health and wellness. Satisfaction from stress relief and relaxation can be one of the most important aspects of a happy and healthy life.

If you can afford it, there is no better investment you can make in your health.

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