How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

However, with prices differing wildly from just a few hundred dollars right on up to many thousands it can be difficult to know just how much you should be paying, or indeed just How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

The stress of modern life can take its toll on the best of us, families, friends, lovers and careers can all be sources of friction and stress. In an ideal world there would be no stress but the reality is we can rarely escape it and whilst exercise and healthy eating can help relieve some of this stress, we cannot always remove it at the source. With this in mind many people are turning to massage, and in particular massage chairs, to help soothe the aches and pains that stress and bad posture can cause.

The average price for a good quality massage chair is around $2,000 however you can also find basic massage chairs a lot cheaper starting at around $500+ and high end chairs costing upwards of $8,000.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

The question you need to be asking yourself is, which is suitable for you? Well, for most of us your budget will be the primary factor when it comes to choosing a suitable chair. With this in mind we’ve put together some information below that will let you see at a glance what features you can expect from the various price points of massage chairs.

Under $500

  • Usually a small number of vibration motors provide all the massage power, resulting in a light massage at best.
  • Unlikely to offer a heated massage.
  • Very rarely massages any area other than the back.
  • Simple hand-held controls at best.

Around $1500

  • Massage comes from a combination of Motors, Rollers and Airbags giving you a broad range of massage movements.
  • Usually reclines into a zero gravity position which is great for the spine.
  • Probably won’t offer a heated massage, though some models do.
  • Usually offer a fully body massage, including the legs.

Over $5000

  • A high number of Motors, Rollers and Airbags gives a very large range of movements.
  • Massage covers the entire body including back, legs, arms and neck.
  • Offers both heated massage and zero gravity reclined position.
  • Many individual features and customizations to enhance your massage and overall relaxation experience.
  • Computer controlled massage programs give a huge amount of control over your experience, along with memory settings.

Does More Expensive Mean Better?

Well as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! This is certainly the case with massage chairs too, though that’s not to say that the cheaper ones are trash. Take a look at the Serenity 2D Zero Gravity Massage Chair and you’ll see it’s possible to get a quality product for little more than a few hundred dollars. What perhaps it does lack though is in features, though again considering the low price it’s hardly a negative.

At the opposite end of the scale we have something like the Osaki OS-3D Hiro LT Massage Chair which comes in at a massive $5000+ but has such a large range of features as well as impeccable customer service. You don’t become the undisputed king of the massage chair world without earning that title.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from our comparison chart, massage chairs come in a huge variety of price ranges that echo their features and build quality. But at the end of the day it is only you that can decide how much money you can devote to your massage chair, and it is primarily your budget that will limit what features you can get. However now that you know how much is a massage chair, with a little time and research we’re certain you’ll find that chair that fits perfectly into your budget and feature wish list.

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